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I am glad to get an opportunity to meet with children in European Center of Arts for Handicapped Children Snezenka in Smrzovka in the pleasing valley of Jizerske Mountains several times in the year.

The life of handicapped child will always have some limits. To achieve targets will most of the time mean a certain amount of help from the outside world.Handicapped children do not always have the opportunity to do what they would like to do, what would satisfy them and what would be interesting for the public. But it is very important for them and for their development to reach out for tangible results that would be seen in the public; on exhibitions, in calendars, in media. Only the one who during his childhood gets the experience of a meaningful work, of being successful and recognized or the experience of appreciation what he or she did well, only such a person will tend to get similar experience also when they grows up. They will actively accept their life which is an inevitable pre-condition for being independent.
Czech Republic in general does not really know much about the problems of handicapped children. Many people´s attitude towards them is quite evasive. That is a logical outcome from the Czechoslovak communist era when the government had kept these children isolated puprose.
Lubomir Vejrazka
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Added 9th Nov.2004

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