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Mackenzie Yarns

Mackenzie Yarns

Mackenzie is soft 4 ply machine washable yarn perfect for knitting and weaving. The superwash treatment prevents its felting, if you not exceed the critical temperature when washing.
The yarn is named after the Mackenzie Basin, near Mt Cook and Lake Tekapo, where the Merino sheep thrive in the dry conditions and high altitude.
  • ball size 100 g - length cca 357 m
  • knitting - needles 2.75 - 3.25 mm
  • weaving - reed 10 dpi

Prices include tax
MY-801 Mackenzie yarn 100g - BlackMY-801356,- CZK
MY-802 Mackenzie yarn 100g - Dark GreyMY-802356,- CZK
MY-803 Mackenzie yarn 100g - Optical WhiteMY-803356,- CZK
MY-804 Mackenzie yarn 100g - Natural WhiteMY-804356,- CZK
MY-808 Mackenzie yarn 100g - Traditional RedMY-808356,- CZK
MY-811 Mackenzie yarn 100g - Navy BlueMY-811356,- CZK
MY-814 Mackenzie yarn 100g - Dark GreenMY-814356,- CZK
MY-861 Mackenzie yarn 100g - SandMY-861356,- CZK
MY-863 Mackenzie yarn 100g - RustMY-863356,- CZK
MY-865 Mackenzie yarn 100g - LemonMY-865356,- CZK
MY-867 Mackenzie yarn 100g - MintMY-867356,- CZK
MY-868 Mackenzie yarn 100g - Light BlueMY-868356,- CZK
MY-870 Mackenzie yarn 100g - GreyMY-870356,- CZK
MY-873 Mackenzie yarn 100g - PinkMY-873356,- CZK
MY-880 Mackenzie yarn 100g - WildernessMY-880365,- CZK
MY-881 Mackenzie yarn 100g - GlacierMY-881365,- CZK
MY-882 Mackenzie yarn 100g - LupinsMY-882365,- CZK
MY-883 Mackenzie yarn 100g - ConfettiMY-883365,- CZK
MY-884 Mackenzie yarn 100g - TundraMY-884365,- CZK
Prices include tax
MY-801Mackenzie yarn 100g - Black356,- CZK
MY-802Mackenzie yarn 100g - Dark Grey356,- CZK
MY-803Mackenzie yarn 100g - Optical White356,- CZK
MY-804Mackenzie yarn 100g - Natural White356,- CZK
MY-808Mackenzie yarn 100g - Traditional Red356,- CZK
MY-811Mackenzie yarn 100g - Navy Blue356,- CZK
MY-814Mackenzie yarn 100g - Dark Green356,- CZK
MY-861Mackenzie yarn 100g - Sand356,- CZK
MY-863Mackenzie yarn 100g - Rust356,- CZK
MY-865Mackenzie yarn 100g - Lemon356,- CZK
MY-867Mackenzie yarn 100g - Mint356,- CZK
MY-868Mackenzie yarn 100g - Light Blue356,- CZK
MY-870Mackenzie yarn 100g - Grey356,- CZK
MY-873Mackenzie yarn 100g - Pink356,- CZK
MY-880Mackenzie yarn 100g - Wilderness365,- CZK
MY-881Mackenzie yarn 100g - Glacier365,- CZK
MY-882Mackenzie yarn 100g - Lupins365,- CZK
MY-883Mackenzie yarn 100g - Confetti365,- CZK
MY-884Mackenzie yarn 100g - Tundra365,- CZK

Mackenzie Yarns Merino

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