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Inkle Loom

Inkle Loom

Inkle Loom [IL]

Weave interesting clothing trims, tassels, shoelaces, bag straps, dog leads, jewellery... Experiment with different colours,beads and yarns.
Warp width: 10 cm
Warp length: 2.8 m

Prices include tax
IL Inkle Loom includes the Belt Shuttle and clampIL2 704,- CZK
BS Belt Shuttle for Inkle WeavingBS332,- CZK

Inklette Loom [IKL]

Inklette Loom
This loom with dimensions 375 x 185 x 115 mm is designed to create long, very strong braids. The tension of max. 180cm long warp can be adjusted with the adjustable tension peg. Compact size for portability and easy storage. Shuttle included.
Prices include tax
IKL Inklette LoomIKL1 696,- CZK
Prices include tax
ILInkle Loom includes the Belt Shuttle and clamp2 704,- CZK
IKLInklette Loom1 696,- CZK
BSBelt Shuttle for Inkle Weaving332,- CZK

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