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Felt beads


Making beads, a picture or some set-off from felt brings you about the same pleasure like the spinning and weaving.
We attend to the felting also on our courses and you will learn not only how to select the wool, but also the factual felting methods here.
What you need for felting?
You will need only carded wool, wet and a soap for making felt bead or a picture.
Drum carder
The Wild Drum Carder
Prices include tax
ADCF Ashford Drum Carder Fine 72 Point ClothADCF12 954,- CZK
ADCF30 Wide Drum CarderADCF3015 460,- CZK
FC Flick Card 72 Point ClothFC485,- CZK
HCL Handcards 220x125mm 72 Point ClothHCL1 703,- CZK
HCLS Handcards Student 72 Point ClothHCLS1 703,- CZK
HCLC Handcards 220x125mm 108 Point ClothHCLC1 754,- CZK
HCS Handcards Mini 185mm x 80mm 72 Point ClothHCS1 531,- CZK
WDC The Wild Drum CarderWDC11 046,- CZK
If you want make p.e. a hat or slippers, you will need also the felting board or a scrub board.
Another popular method of making felt is needle felting. It is making felt by the dry way by the help of special needle.
You can string together both the methods of felting. You will make an artifact by the classical wet way and then you can decorate it by the help of the needle.
With reverse teeth felting needle [FNR] we can create fuzz effect on the finished felted surface (pulling fibers out of felt).

Felting board Felting needles Felting Needle Punch with 5 needles
Prices include tax
FN Felting needle (36) *FN21,- CZK
FNSP Spiral felting needle (36) *FNSP21,- CZK
FNC Felting needle coarse (32) *FNC20,- CZK
FNF Felting needle fine (40) *FNF22,- CZK
FNS Felting needle Star (No.38) *FNS27,- CZK
FNR Felting needle reverse *FNR22,- CZK
FN10 Felting needle (36) 10pcs packFN10200,- CZK
FNSP10 Spiral felting needle (36) 10pcs packFNSP10200,- CZK
FNC10 Felting needle coarse (32) 10pcs packFNC10190,- CZK
FNF10 Felting needle fine (40) 10pcs packFNF10210,- CZK
FNS10 Felting needle Star (No.38) 10pcs packFNS10260,- CZK
FNR10 Felting needle reverse 10pcs packFNR10210,- CZK
FNP Felting needle punchFNP524,- CZK
FB Felting boardFB1 642,- CZK
* Minimal order for posting the only felting needles is 10 pieces.
We can use white sliver or some natural shades for felting, from beige and brown to black, or the coloured wool, especially for the figurations and pictures.
Needle felting kit

Needle felting kit [NFK]

Everything you need to get felting. The Ashford Book of Needle Felting will give you confidence to create your own unique and beautiful felted works of art. The book covers materials, equipment, techniques and provides all the pattern templates. Kit includes 4 types of needle, 15 colours of fibre, foam block, washaway fabric and The Ashford Book of Needle Felting by Barbara Allen.
Prices include tax
NFK Needle felting kit incl. ABNFNFK1 142,- CZK
Prices include tax
FNFelting needle (36) *21,- CZK
FNSPSpiral felting needle (36) *21,- CZK
FNCFelting needle coarse (32) *20,- CZK
FNFFelting needle fine (40) *22,- CZK
FNSFelting needle Star (No.38) *27,- CZK
FNRFelting needle reverse *22,- CZK
FN10Felting needle (36) 10pcs pack200,- CZK
FNSP10Spiral felting needle (36) 10pcs pack200,- CZK
FNC10Felting needle coarse (32) 10pcs pack190,- CZK
FNF10Felting needle fine (40) 10pcs pack210,- CZK
FNS10Felting needle Star (No.38) 10pcs pack260,- CZK
FNR10Felting needle reverse 10pcs pack210,- CZK
FNPFelting needle punch524,- CZK
FBFelting board1 642,- CZK
NFKNeedle felting kit incl. ABNF1 142,- CZK
FCFlick Card 72 Point Cloth485,- CZK
HCLHandcards 220x125mm 72 Point Cloth1 703,- CZK
HCLSHandcards Student 72 Point Cloth1 703,- CZK
HCSHandcards Mini 185mm x 80mm 72 Point Cloth1 531,- CZK
ADCFAshford Drum Carder Fine 72 Point Cloth12 954,- CZK
ADCPBPacker Brush for Drum Carder1 254,- CZK
WDCThe Wild Drum Carder11 046,- CZK

* Minimal order for posting the only felting needles is 10 pieces.

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