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In principle there is need the raw fleece first to rid of dirt and to wash. There is good to card the wool, helping the Hand carders or with the Drum Carder for spinning or felting. Machinely carded wool is also available, but many people prefer in own hand working. By the carding you easily make the beautiful airy, suchlike cottonwool material, which there is a pleasure to spin from it. The big advantage of hand carding is a possibility of mixing colours and different provenance fibres and getting the unrepeatable look of your yarns.

Drum carder

With this card machine you can prepare wool for spinning or felting in 50 g (2 oz) batts.
The card cloth has wire teeth with a special protective coating and a flexible rubber backing for long life. Adjustable drum height allows to set the gap size between the teeth of the cylinders. Nylon bearings ensure smooth turning, you will appreciate a quick release handle for the transport and the non-slipping rubber feet for working. The carder is strong and robust and it comes assembled and lacquered ready to use.
Use the 6:1 ratio to prepare your fleece. This ratio will produce a smooth even batt ready for blending, spinning or felting. Use the 4:1 ratio to blend sliver, colours and different fibre types consistently into an open and airy batt.
Choose from fine (72 point per inch) coating of carding drums for finer wools & exotic fibres [ADCF] or superfine carding cloth - 120 point [ADCSF] - intended for finer wools & luxury fibres.
Drum carder
Packer Brush Cleaning Brush

The following accessories are included:

Two clamps for attachment to the labor board, the awl/doffer conveniently stored on the side to remove the tops of the drum, the packer brush and the cleaning brush placed under the entryway.

For owners of previously purchased carders without cleaning brush we recommend to use the Flick carder [FC].
The packer brush helps to get more fibres onto the large drum. It is so useful and demanded tool that it has become a standard part of the accessories and from around mid-2013 you can not buy a new carder without it from us. For earlier made carders ​there ​is possible to buy it [ADCPB].
It's kinder on the machine to wash fleece before carding. If in constant use, the machine needs regular oiling. You can see the drum carder in work on those pictures.

Prices include tax
ADCF Ashford Drum Carder Fine 72 Point ClothADCF15 685,- CZK
ADCSF Ashford Drum Carder Superfine 120 Point ClothADCSF16 233,- CZK
ADCPB Packer Brush for Drum CarderADCPB1 691,- CZK

Wide Drum Carder

Makes up to a 100gm, 30cm wide batt. Includes doffer and clamps, it has a packer brush and cleaning brush as standard. 2 speeds - 4:1 and 6:1, adjustable drum clearance. Assembled and lacquered. Available only with 72 PPSI cloth. Weight only 8.4 kg.
Wide Drum Carder
Prices include tax
ADCF30 Wide Drum CarderADCF3017 938,- CZK
Hand carders

Hand carders

are suitable for preparing less of wool and they are available in a few sizes and versions. The wood is without finishing. Student carders (HCLS, pictured right) with the one-piece handle were discontinued in 2023 and can no longer be ordered.

Prices include tax
FC Flick Card 72 Point ClothFC615,- CZK
HCL Handcards 220x125mm 72 Point ClothHCL1 895,- CZK
HCLC Handcards 220x125mm 108 Point ClothHCLC1 932,- CZK
HCS Handcards Mini 185mm x 80mm 72 Point ClothHCS1 703,- CZK
The Wild Drum Carder

The Wild Drum Carder

The Wild Carder is specifically designed for blending and creating exciting fun, funky and wild batts for spinning and felting. Create unique blends with added extras - fibres, fabrics, ribbons, feathers, noils, cocoons, paper and more ...
Built-in adjustable packer brush - packs fibre more efficiently onto the large drum and allows "added extras" to be packed into your batt.
Extra long teeth - allows you to make a thicker batt and to keep all your "added extras" in your batt
Carding width - 10 cm (4 ins) produces a very handy size batt ready to spin
Portable - compact and only 5.4 kg with built-in hand hold
Coating of carding drums 72 point per inch
Makes up to 40gm (1 1/2oz) batt
Finished batt size 60 x 15 cm (24 x 6 ins)
Comes assembled and lacquered
Cleaning brush - stores conveniently under the feed-in tray
Doffer (AWL) - stores conveniently on the side - ready to use
Prices include tax
WDC The Wild Drum CarderWDC13 497,- CZK

Electric carder 30 cm [EDC30]

Fibre preparation made easy. This carder has two exceptionally powerful motors to enable fleece and sliver to be carded easily and quickly.
   Infinitely variable speed control for both drums plus a ratio control to vary the in-feed speed.
   Acrylic safety covers over the drums and the drive belts, and a magnetic safety switch, for safe use.
   Stepped tooth non-slip drive belts with belt tensioners.
   Additional on/off foot switch allows hands-free fibre preparation and feeding-in.
   When in reverse, for fibre removal, the drums rotate at 10% carding speed.
   Carding drums can be removed to clean bearings.
   Manufactured in beautiful Silver Beech hardwood with a lacquered finish.
   72-point teeth on the main drum and 36-point cloth on the feed-in drum helps keep the feed-in drum clean.
   Included accessories: packer brush, doffer, cleaning brush, on/off foot switch and 24-volt mains transformer.
   Capacity: 135 g
   Weight: 15.2 kg
   Dimensions: 51 x 40 x 32 cm
Prices include tax
EDC30 Electric carder 30 cmEDC3053 773,- CZK

Blending Board [BB]

Blending Board
Create your own beautiful unique colour and fibre blends ready to spin. Fun and easy to use! Large 30 x 30 cm (12 x 12 in) blending area, 108 point card cloth. Blending brush and two dowel rods for drafting and removing the rolags are included. Video
Prices include tax
BB Blending BoardBB4 497,- CZK
Prices include tax
FCFlick Card 72 Point Cloth615,- CZK
HCLHandcards 220x125mm 72 Point Cloth1 895,- CZK
HCLCHandcards 220x125mm 108 Point Cloth1 932,- CZK
HCSHandcards Mini 185mm x 80mm 72 Point Cloth1 703,- CZK
ADCFAshford Drum Carder Fine 72 Point Cloth15 685,- CZK
ADCSFAshford Drum Carder Superfine 120 Point Cloth16 233,- CZK
ADCPBPacker Brush for Drum Carder1 691,- CZK
ADCF30Wide Drum Carder17 938,- CZK
WDCThe Wild Drum Carder13 497,- CZK
EDC30Electric carder 30 cm53 773,- CZK
BBBlending Board4 497,- CZK

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